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What people are saying about Melissa

Deanna P.

Melissa Roxas is truly the best medical professional I have been too in a long time. I was referred to her through a friend when I was going through a hard transition in my life. I am so glad that I made an appointment with her. I have been seeing her regularly for the past year and have noticed a dramatic difference in my health and well-being. Originally being treated for women's health issues, I can honestly say that due to her treatment, I am in much better health that I was a year ago. She is very knowledgeable in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine. Through the use of acupuncture and herbal medicine, my emotions, hormones, temperament, and general well- being has found balance.

Allie B.

Melissa is amazing, I feel so heard and taken care of each time I go in, she genuinely cares about helping her patients and it shows! I was absolutely shocked at how quickly I saw improvement and results. I haven't felt this good in a long time!

Nannette R.

I've suffered with uterine fibroids and menorrhagia for years which worsened this summer. I was desperate after numerous doctor visits, blood work, pelvic ultrasounds and biopsy. In June, my menorrhagia lasted for 21 days and I wanted to avoid surgery in the future... After only two months of acupuncture treatment with Melissa my condition has significantly improved and I feel like a new healthy person. My severe menorrhagia and chronic pain are non-existent.

Katie J.

I am a very frugal and picky person. And let me tell you - Melissa Roxas is the one. The one that meets high expectations and makes it worth your while to dedicate extra time and resources for your health...Every visit I have had has resulted in small, marked improvements in my health - from healthier digestion to significantly less menstrual pain and better sleep. 


For the past 4 years I have been struggling with a number of health issues, mostly relating to having my thyroid removed and developing endometriosis. This resulted in a lot of fatigue and many painful periods, sometimes so bad I'd be doubled over for hours in throbbing pain...Melissa was the first health professional who truly made me feel at ease and listened to...Thanks to her treatment plan, my past two periods have been pain-free. I didn't even take ANY pain medication for my past period. I couldn't believe it the first time-- I even cried because I couldn't remember the last time I had a pain-free period.

Kristen M.

I have worked with a couple of Acupuncturists in the past and didn't feel any results. Melissa Roxas, changed it all for me and is an amazing Practitioner. I started out seeking help with pain and stress, which she has immensely helped with but ended up with improved digestions, energy level and mental clarity. 

Hi, I'm Melissa

I’m a mom of two kids, an acupuncturist and herbalist. I believe there's a Little Sage in all of us, that indomitable spirit of the human soul, an inner knowing, a well of energy and power to heal your body. You have the ability to tap into it. I look forward to helping you feel better!